Fight Against COVID-19

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We desire good food, clothes and etc., and we get most of it, but you know there are so many of them who are not even able to get 2 meals a day. Sharing is caring and caring is Divine, I want to deliver at least 1 meals or a food kit for a week (5kg wheat flour, 2kg row rice, 1kg daal, salt, bath soap and oil) to poor people living in slum and to homeless beggars near by me (around 2 -3 km) in Ghaziabad. I want to share smile, you can help me to do it.

Think about the poor people who were already in there worst condition and now it will be much worst due to global financial and economical meltdown caused by COVID-19.

Many poor people are striving to get 2 meals a day, for which I urge you to donate to us, so that we can provide food to the needy.

We wish to raise funds after which we will utilize free space in my parking lot; we will buy raw food items, groceries and etc.

Then we will cook and pack the food, which will be then delivered to the poor people living in slum or to homeless beggars near by me in my city Ghaziabad.


Food Kit

# Item Qty Cost
1 Atta 5kg 150
2 Row Rice 3kg 100
3 Oil 500g 80
4 Haldi 100g 25
5 Mirchi 100g 25
6 Yellow Daal 500g 60
7 Jira 50g 30
8 Ditol Soap 1pack 10
9 Tata Salt 1kg 20

Let us join hands to fight against COVID-19

You may Donate any amount as you want or a small amount of 100/– minimum.


or PayTM to 9818876458

Call 9818876458 for more information.

You contribution will help all hunger peoples in Ghaziabad.

Online Donation INR
# Donner Name Contribution (Rs)
1 Sudhir Sharma 1000
1 Rekha Panchal 500
2 Ankur Varshney 500
Rs. 2000
Online Donation ($)
1 Khalid Hafiz $350
Total Amount $350

*Last updated on 04/27/2020